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CCA Encourages FCC to Revise Spectrum Frontiers Report and Order

Washington, DC – February 24, 2017 – Today, Competitive Carriers Association (CCA) filed a Reply to Oppositions to CCA’s Petition for Reconsideration (Petition) of certain rules adopted in the Spectrum Frontiers Report and Order. There is strong support in the record for many policies described within CCA’s Petition, including increasing exclusively-licensed millimeter wave (mmW) spectrum and revising licen ...

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CCA statement on Amicus Brief in Oracle v. Google

“Google’s ever-growing market dominance and the impact that it can have on carriers made this case much too important to just sit on the sidelines. To promote competition and spur innovation – two absolutely essential characteristics of a healthy mobile ecosystem – dominant players must be held accountable for their actions, especially if they try to shut out other competitors. Consumers benefit from a comp ...

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CBNL pioneers Gbps+ PMP fixed wireless links at 28GHz

21 February 2017 - Cambridge, UK: Cambridge Broadband Networks (CBNL), the market leader in licensed point-to-multipoint (PMP) millimeter wave, has today launched a new variant of its VectaStar® platform that delivers more than one Gbps to a site and announced that it has secured a project to deploy the solution for a major carrier in New York City, pioneering the world’s first Gbps PMP millimeter wave comm ...

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CCA Applauds FCC’s Decision to Reinstate Small Business Exemption from Enhanced Transparency Rules

Washington, DC – February 23, 2017 – Today, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC or Commission) adopted an Order granting a five-year waiver to broadband Internet access providers with 250,000 or less connections from the enhanced transparency requirements adopted in the 2015 Title II Order. The waiver is considered effective as of January 17, 2017. CCA commends the Commission for extending the small ...

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CCA Commends FCC for Adopting Revised Mobility Fund II Program

Washington, DC – February 23, 2017 – Today, during its February Open Meeting, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC or Commission) adopted a Report and Order on Mobility Fund II (MFII) to provide ongoing support to preserve and expand mobile broadband services in rural areas. Competitive Carriers Association (CCA) applauds the FCC for adopting the revised MFII program, which calls for a several-year ph ...

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Sensorly Amplifies Crowdsourced Coverage Intel in Latest iOS Update

MEMPHIS, TENN. – February 21, 2017 – Sensorly, a long time trusted source for unbiased cellular and Wi-Fi coverage intelligence, has added Map Trip, an exciting new feature onto its recently refreshed 4.2.0 update for iOS. Map Trip empowers anyone with the iOS app to actively contribute data along his or her route, making the overall map experience at a hyper-local level more informative for all. ...

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