CCA’s Business Innovation Group (BIG) Reviewed by Momizat on . CCA’s BIG is a carrier-only working group that determines and prioritizes the top challenges facing CCA carrier members.  The group seeks innovative, efficient, CCA’s BIG is a carrier-only working group that determines and prioritizes the top challenges facing CCA carrier members.  The group seeks innovative, efficient, Rating: 0
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CCA’s Business Innovation Group (BIG)

CCA’s BIG is a carrier-only working group that determines and prioritizes the top challenges facing CCA carrier members.  The group seeks innovative, efficient, and effective solutions – both technological and practical – for competitive wireless carriers. The BIG identifies and shares the top challenges among the CCA membership in order to facilitate practical, cost-effective solutions.  The intent is to engage all members – carriers and associates – to provide differentiators for CCA carrier members, so they may compete in the marketplace.

BIG Goals and Description

  • The BIG and IDPs are managed by CCA’s Director of Industry Development, Kim Caronchi. Oversight is provided by CCA President & CEO Steven K. Berry and current BIG Committee Co-Chairmen Craven Shumaker of iWireless and Terry Addington of MobileNation.
  • The BIG is a carrier-only group. All carrier members are encouraged to designate a representative to the BIG to ensure each carrier’s advice and counsel is heard. Participation by a senior level executive who is authorized to speak, provide guidance, and make project decisions on a company’s behalf, is preferred.  Any CCA carrier member of the BIG may suggest a new priority issue before the BIG at any meeting.
  • CCA will periodically survey the BIG to determine the challenges operators are facing today and to ensure top challenges remain up-to-date.
  • Survey results will be shared with all CCA members – carriers, associates and affiliates.
  • CCA associate members may contact Kim Caronchi with products and services that address the carriers’ top challenges. The BIG will review the offerings and, as appropriate, will highlight and present the solutions to carrier members on a timely basis.

Guidelines for Associate Members

The BIG seeks to ensure that all CCA members are informed about the carriers’ identified challenges. Any company seeking to provide a solution to the identified challenges should take the following steps:

  • Become a CCA member. To be eligible to present services and solutions to the BIG, a company must be a current CCA member. If not already a member, please review membership information here.
  • Contact Kim Caronchi, CCA’s Director of Industry Development. Introduce your company and solution and let CCA know how it can help carrier members solve identified challenges.
  • Provide a one page white paper. Clearly state the industry challenge and solution along with the business proposal/model.
  • Identify any special pricing or discounts available to CCA members. Proposals may include a revenue stream or sponsorship opportunity in support of CCA.

After an initial review, possible solutions will be presented to the BIG Steering Committee. If approved by the Steering Committee, the solution providers will be presented to the entire BIG for review and assessment.  Once the BIG identifies a solution will benefit carriers, the company and solution will be listed on the CCA website as a Recommended Solution.

Associate members with BIG Recommended Solutions will commit to purchasing an exhibit booth, sponsorship and/or a seminar at CCA’s Mobile Carriers Show and Annual Convention to promote and demonstrate their solution.

What is a BIG Recommended Solution?

A BIG Recommended Solution is not an endorsement by CCA of a company or product.  Rather, it is a solution that the BIG has reviewed and determined can meet the needs of an identified industry challenge.  The BIG will not give exclusive recommendations, and all companies are welcome to participate.

How are BIG Recommended Solutions Communicated?

The BIG’s goal is to ensure CCA members’ Recommended Solutions are communicated effectively to all CCA members.  The BIG will follow the below guidelines:

  • BIG Recommended Solutions will be provided to the full BIG Committee by email, webinar, or potentially in-person presentations.
  • Recommended Solutions will be published on the BIG website, including a short description of the industry challenge and solution, the company name, the recommended solution, and contact information to obtain more details.
  • CCA’s Director of Industry Development will publish a periodic blog post highlighting BIG Recommended Solutions and how they will help solve industry challenges. Blog posts will not endorse any company or product, but will highlight common industry challenges and solutions that have been identified among CCA associate members for CCA carrier members.
  • The BIG will communicate and invite members to visit and meet with all BIG Recommended Solutions companies during CCA events.

To learn more about this exclusive member program, contact:

Kim Caronchi
Director, Industry Development
Competitive Carriers Association


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