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Why Competitive Carriers Support the Innovation Act

In recent years, harmful legal activities of patent assertion entities, also known as PAEs or patent trolls, have increased exponentially. While PAEs have continued to frustrate large high-tech corporations, they have expanded their reach to smaller companies across the country, and their abusive actions can be absolutely devastating for a small company. Like many small and medium sized businesses, competit ...

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Fact versus Fiction: Spectrum Auction Rules in Light of Unbiased, International Perspectives

Last week, CCA filed an ex parte letter in the incentive auction and mobile spectrum holdings dockets. In the letter, CCA details international policies surrounding spectrum below 1 GHz. The Commission should look to these policies for unbiased, practical advice when deciding how much of the pie U.S. carriers can grab in the upcoming incentive auction, and how it will change its policies regarding mobile sp ...

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Cable Cos Demonstrate Importance of Roaming for All Data Services

By Steven K. Berry, President & CEO, CCA - The Competitive Carriers Association 5.21.12 - Today’s announcement that five large cable companies will join forces to give their customers access to each other’s WiFi networks yet again brings to light the data roaming challenges that competitive carriers face each and every day.  Roaming, regardless of the technology type, allows consumers to access connecti ...

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Verizon Cannot Ignore Competitive Concerns

By: Steven K. Berry, President & CEO, CCA – The Competitive Carriers Association “It is no surprise that someone representing Verizon’s interests is dismissing concerns raised by competitive carriers over Verizon’s proposal to acquire the cable companies’ spectrum licenses. I don’t expect Verizon to be sympathetic to competitive carriers’ challenges because unless you’re a Verizon partner and able to fill i ...

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CCA’s Berry Responds to AT&T’s Stephenson’s Remarks

In recent remarks at a Milken Institute conference, AT&T’s Chairman and CEO Randall Stephenson clearly stated that there should be less competition in the wireless industry. He said, “I don’t think the market’s going to accommodate the number of competitors there are in the landscape...Competitors will be forced to drop out if they can’t find enough wireless capacity to offer modern data services to growing ...

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NTIA Spectrum Report

The National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA) yesterday released a long-awaited study about the 1755-1850 MHz spectrum band. We’re very pleased that NTIA found it possible to repurpose all 95 MHz of this spectrum, as many CCA members desperately need additional spectrum to address growing consumer demands. While the report is generally positive about repurposing this spectrum, as the ...

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Interoperability Benefit #1

Even AT&T sees the benefit of Interoperability: Ralph de la Vega, AT&T’s Mobility President & CEO, said at the 2012 Mobile World Congress that “Interoperability has been proven as a driver of messaging traffic. In 2001, after the nation's wireless carriers connected their text messaging services--thereby allowing users to send messages to the subscribers of rival carriers--text messaging traffic skyrocketed ...

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Interoperability Benefit #2

Interoperability will allow a greater number of carriers to make the leap to the next “G” and deploy 4G LTE wireless service, the most efficient wireless air interface in use in the market today. Using 700 MHz band holdings as a foundation for 4G LTE service, carriers will be able to upgrade their device offerings to customers to the latest technology and transition customers to newer devices over time. Wit ...

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