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Interoperability Benefit # 3

Interoperability will help generate higher auction revenue. Interoperability was mandated with cellular spectrum and it was presumed ever since, until AT&T and Verizon bifurcated the 700 MHz spectrum. This presumption encouraged large numbers of applicants to participate in spectrum auctions. For example, approximately 142 MHz of spectrum was auctioned for advanced wireless services from 2001–2010, netting ...

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Interoperability Benefit #4

Interoperability is a fundamental requirement for 4G LTE roaming.  Despite several carriers deploying 4G mobile broadband services in the same frequency band (700 MHz) with the same technology (Long Term Evolution or LTE), 4G roaming with this latest technology will not be possible without interoperability.  That means that a customer who buys an LTE device, selects an LTE data plan, and moves out of their ...

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Interoperability Benefit #5

CCA carrier members spent approximately $1.8 billion on 700 MHz spectrum; $1B on 700 MHz A Block spectrum alone. Interoperability will allow these carriers to put its significant investment to good use, triggering further investment and generating jobs in rural and regional America. -CCA ...

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Interoperability Benefit #6

In addition to unleashing more mobile spectrum, the FCC will also significantly increase next generation, high-speed wireless coverage, immediately furthering the President’s goal of reaching 98 percent of all Americans. By restoring interoperability to the lower 700 MHz spectrum, the FCC will extend coverage to more than 1.3 million square miles of the United States, or more than one-third of the total U.S ...

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Interoperability Benefit #7

Interoperability will help achieve the FCC’s goal established in the National Broadband Plan of freeing up 500 megahertz of spectrum for broadband use within 10 years, and 300 MHz within five years, by unleashing 12 MHz of immediately available spectrum for mobile broadband use. -CCA ...

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Interoperability Benefit #8

Interoperability will encourage greater participation in upcoming incentive auctions. In the 2008 700 MHz spectrum auction, an increase in the number of auction bidders from two to five or more led to a revenue increase of over 90 percent. ...

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Interoperability Benefit #9

Full deployment of wireless broadband in rural America with a fully interoperable 700 MHz band will result in the creation and/or retention of 117,000 jobs in the 19 states with less than 90% coverage of broadband service of at least 4 Megs.  Of this 117, 000 jobs, approximately 40,000 will be new jobs.  Eliminating this urban/rural divide would lead to a $1,200 increased median income in these 19 states. S ...

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Welcome to CCA’s Blog!

Join us here for all things CCA– policy positions, industry news, association updates, fun facts and more! Our goal is to provide you with the most up-to-date news and information possible, and we hope you will visit often and share our blog with fellow readers! As you know, interoperability is one of CCA’s biggest policy issues. In anticipation of the FCC adopting an interoperability rulemaking at its Open ...

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