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CCA Member Benefits Brochure

Connect with the Competitive Carriers Association (CCA)

The Benefits of Membership

Now is the right time to be a member of CCA

This is a critical time for competitive carriers.  Public policy issues before Congress and the FCC have significant consequences and could threaten wireless industry companies and, in some cases, could jeopardize the very existence of our carrier and associate members.

CCA is a clear, respected voice representing competitive carriers

CCA is committed to being the premier advocate for competitive wireless carriers throughout the United States and the international community.  We make certain that our members’ voices and views are heard in Washington, DC.  Our entire purpose is to assure our members thrive and that no government policy stands between competitive carriers and their ability to serve their customers.  Our members have a shared interest in the restoration of a competitive marketplace in which every carrier has the opportunity to compete, thrive , and CCA’s overarching goal is to create an ecosystem in which competitive carriers can grow.

CCA is on the Move!

CCA is working hard to ensure competitive carriers have:

  • Access  to usable spectrum
  • Data roaming at reasonable rates
  • Sufficient Universal Service Fund (USF) support
  • Access to devices and the newest technologies
  • Interoperability to ensure a pathway to the next generation of technologies
  • Continue to have an effective advocacy organization in Washington, DC

Benefits to Carrier Members

CCA advocates your company’s interests

CCA members gain:

  • Access to a strong advocacy platform and a network of fellow carriers who share the same policy concerns.  Our Washington Representatives Group meets weekly to discuss the latest developments on legislative and regulatory issues most important to competitive carriers. 
  • Substantial discounts on the Competitive Carriers Global Expo, the CCA Annual Convention, Webinars and other educational and networking events, as well as discounts on goods and services offered by other CCA members.
  • Immediate access to information on regulatory threats, compliance issues, funding sources and other helpful resources through the CCA Web Site Members Only Portal, our e-newsletter, webinars and members-only issue briefings.
  • Access to the CCA Industry Ecosystem Development Programs to utilize an aggregate approach to launch solutions that support a healthy wireless ecosystem for consumers, small/medium enterprise customers and carriers.
  • Easy access to associate member experts through directories, networking and events and special vendor pricing from certain suppliers.
  • Key information about marketing metrics, carrier networks and systems.
  • The ability to connect with associate members to address scope and scale benefits for smaller carriers to obtain.
  • Experienced, dedicated Board of Directors and staff that aggressively advocates for polices allowing competitive carriers to operate in a competitive environment.
  • A resource network of professional peers, giving you a leg-up on strategy and management advice, information and other resources to help you succeed.
  • Access to the latest information and education for internal company staffing.
  • The ability to share your views with key industry players, quickly and effectively.

Benefits for Associate and Affiliate Members

Interact with those interested in your products and services

Your membership includes:

  • Major attendance and exhibiting discounts at the Competitive Carriers Global Expo in the spring and the CCA Annual Convention in the fall.  Sponsor a pre-conference seminar and enjoy the opportunity to become an official event sponsor at both events.
  • Unprecedented access to decision makers at competitive carriers.
  • Listing in the CCA Membership Handbook, made available to all CCA carrier members.
  • Access to the CCA website, an interactive hub for member communications and education.
  • An easy ability to share your expertise, news and special offers with carrier members through newsletters, the CCA website and informal networking.
  • A heads-up on industry wants and needs, enabling you to learn about opportunities for product development, growth and sales.
  • Opportunities to submit articles for distribution to members, sponsor or speak at special events and webinars, advertise in our publications and serve on one of our committees with associate and carrier members

CCA Membership:  A Plus for Personal Growth

Get your Next Great Idea, Job or Business Contact at CCA

  • Get involved.  Connect with industry leaders. Learn from experts while serving on specialized industry committees and working groups.
  • Be a leader.  Serve on policy committees.  Access special issue briefings to enhance your knowledge and abilities.
  • Let our network know who you are and the skills you have.  We may need your specific expertise as part of our next educational webinar.
  • Get member discounts to attend major industry conferences.

Services Designed to Increase Carrier and Associate Member Benefits

  • Access to benchmarking data compiled and designed to provide CCA members with more information on wireless markets.
  • The opportunity to sponsor and participate in CCA’s Capitol Hill Day, aimed at making public policy changes to improve members’ operating environment and capabilities.
  • And other new services that provide our members with more and better information regarding key developments in the broader industry.

Not a CCA Member?  Join Now!

Types of Membership:

Carrier Member – For FCC spectrum licenses or FCC approved lessees of spectrum with not more than 80 million subscribers.  Each carrier member company has one vote.

Associate Member – For those providing goods, services and expertise to the wireless telecommunications industry.

Affiliate Member – For those operating or owning an interest in a CMRS license but because of their location, size or other by-law requirements cannot be a carrier member.

Already a Member?  Support CCA by referring a new member

If you know someone who isn’t – but should be – part of a growing, thriving CCA, help us reach out to them.  Just send their name and contact information via e-mail to and we will follow up.

Thank you for your support of the Competitive Carriers Association.  To contact CCA, please call: 800-722-1872.

To view a PDF copy of the CCA membership benefits brochure, click here.


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