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CCA’s Political Action Committee, CCA PAC, was formed in order to increase awareness about competitive carriers. CCA PAC supports candidates for Federal office that support or are in policy making positions to impact competitive carriers.

What is a PAC?

A federal PAC is an entity that contributes funds to candidates for federal office. PAC stands for Political Action Committee. The PAC is a separate, segregated fund comprised of voluntary contributions from the ‘restricted class.’ PAC contributions are fully disclosed and limited by law. PACs are the only way associations can legally contribute to Federal candidates.

Authorize CCA PAC to be your PAC

To continue the conversation on how CCA PAC can benefit you and your organization, please authorize CCA PAC to contact you regarding our efforts in Washington. This authorization, required by the Federal Election Commission, can be completed below. Authorizing CCA PAC does not require any financial commitment, nor does it mandate future participation. As always, please do not hesitate to contact us if we can help in any way.

  • PAC Authorization Form

    I hereby authorize CCA PAC to solicit contributions from myself and select executives from my company. CCA PAC is the only trade association Political Action Committee supporting federal candidates which has received such authorization from my company. (Federal Election Commission regulations state that a company may only authorize one trade association PAC to solicit its executives per calendar year).

  • Authorization

    FEC Regulations require a separate authorization signature for each year. Please type your name or initial below to indicate for which years you would like to be authorized.


    Please list every executive CCA PAC may solicit, in addition to yourself.
  • In addition to myself, I authorize CCA PAC to solicit the listed executives (please include Name, Title, Email, and Phone for each individual you would like to authorize CCA PAC to solicit. If you prefer or run out of space, you may also email a list of select executives to Maribeth Collins at

Please direct any questions to: Tim Donovan of CCA at 202-617-9531 or Maribeth Collins of CCA at and 202-747-0757.  To download a PDF version of the CCA PAC Authorization Form, please click here

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