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Competitive Carriers Need a Pathway to 4G

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December 7, 2011                                                                                                                                                             (202) 449-9866

Competitive Carriers Need a Pathway to 4G

Washington, DC– Today, CCA President & CEO Steven K. Berry participated in a briefing on Capitol Hill to discuss the serious need for competitive carriers to have a pathway to 4G deployment.  Rural and regional competitive carriers are critical to bringing next-generation mobile broadband to rural consumers, and Berry emphasized the need for Congress and the Federal Communications Commission (FCC or Commission) to promote competition, investment and innovation in the marketplace to ensure all Americans have access to the most advanced high-speed mobile broadband, no matter where they live, work or travel.

“CCA’s competitive carriers stand ready and willing to build out their networks,” Berry said, “However, the largest wireless companies have balkanized the 700 MHz spectrum and made it difficult to invest in next-generation data networks.  This balkanization combined with a lack of interoperability and exclusive handset deals have made it next to impossible for them to move forward.  Smaller carriers need a clear pathway to bring high-speed mobility to the most costly areas, and it is imperative these carriers have the opportunity to partner with new innovators like LightSquared.”

“LightSquared, an CCA member, plans to build its network with private funds – not taxpayer dollars – on a wholesale basis, allowing numerous providers to use it.  It is solutions like these that will most benefit consumers, especially in rural and hard to reach areas.  Consumers, no matter where they live or travel, deserve a competitive choice, and it is of the utmost importance for Congress and the FCC must promote policies that ensure competition.”

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