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House Bill Raises Competitive Concerns

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                                                                                                              Contact:Lucy Tutwiler

December 9, 2011                                                                                                                                                         (202) 449-9866


House Bill Raises Competitive Concerns


Washington, DC – Today, the House of Representatives released the ”Middle Class Tax Relief and Job Creation Act of 2011,” which includes the “Jumpstarting Opportunity with Broadband Spectrum (JOBS) Act of 2011.”  CCA appreciates the House of Representatives’ continued focus on spectrum legislation but remains concerned, specifically with Section 4105, which may limit competition in future spectrum auctions and in the marketplace.

In a statement, CCA President& CEO Steven K. Berry said, “I thank Congress for their work on spectrum legislation, but language in the JOBS Act is very worrisome for competitive carriers.  Section 4105 is a huge problem because it severely limits the ability of the FCC to promote competition and significantly impacts existing statutory authority.”

“Spectrum is included in the bill both to fuel innovation and investment in the industry and to potentially raise significant revenue for the Treasury, and competition will be required to reach both of these goals.  Interoperability and competitive auctions are the fundamental keys to ensuring a healthy, competitive, innovative wireless marketplace, and it is very troubling that it is not addressed in the bill.  In addition to threats to competition, I fear that revenue expectations from auctions may not be reached without allowing the FCC to structure the auction appropriately.”

Berrycontinued, “Revenue concerns must be addressed immediately and in the long term.  The goal should be to encourage as many bidders as possible and increase revenues, rather than eliminating carriers’ competitive incentives to enter any future auction.  Once licenses are awarded, viable business plans must be present for those successful bidders to continue to invest, grow, and expand mobile broadband.”

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