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Advertise with CCA

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Promote your company brand and share your message with the entire competitive carrier ecosystem by advertising with CCA!  The CCA Voice, CCA’s Membership Directory, and the Online Buyer’s Guide are fantastic ways to get your name in front of the right audience and achieve your marketing goals. 

Please see below for additional advertising opportunities on our website, in our monthly Press Bulletin, or webinar sponsorship!

Website Banner Advertising

Please complete the form below to submit a banner advertisement for our website and email image submissions. If you have any questions about your membership, please contact CCA at (800) 722-1872 or

  • Specifications:

    CCA Members $200 per month, 10% discount for 3 months, 20% discount for 6 months – Sponsor information must be submitted in JPG or GIF formats only.(No animation, please) Size Specifications: Must be 468 X 60 pixels and file size should be under 20KB. A maximum of five ads will be displayed on a rotating basis at any given time. Payment must be received before the information is posted.
  • Payment Details

  • American Express


Press Bulletin Advertising

  • Featured Articles
    • Featured at the top of the monthly press bulletin
    • Write an article on the topic of your choosing
    • Current CCA Member Rate: $500
    • Non-member Rate: $1,000
  • Banner Ads 
    • Current CCA Member Rate: $300
    • Current Non-member Rate: $600

For more information on advertising in our monthly Press Bulletin please contact Lucy Hodas at

Webinar Sponsorship

  • Webinar sponsorship is open to all companies
    • Do not need to be a current CCA member to sponsor a webinar through CCA
    • Preference is given to current CCA members
  • Sponsoring company receives name and logo recognition on all materials promoting the webinar
    • Blast emails sent to entire CCA membership list
    • Information posted to CCA social channels
  • All webinar topics should be educational, not sales/marketing
    • Webinars hosted by CCA are meant to be educational and informative sessions sponsored by a company that is knowledgeable about that topic
    • Including information about how your company utilizes the topic is encouraged, however making a sales pitch exclusively for your company’s products/services is discouraged
  • Current CCA members receive a discount on sponsorship fees
    • Current CCA Member rate: $2,000
    • Non-Member Rate: $5,000
  • All webinars are free to attend for all current CCA members
    • Non-members allowed to attend for $49.00 fee
  • Webinar applications are subject to approval by CCA. There is limited availability for dates and times and restrictions on multiple sponsorships.  Webinar dates are subject to change at CCA discretion.
Please fill out the form below to submit a request for webinar sponsorship!

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